'' You at Your Best ''

Have you ever been

Do you feel that you are facing too much pressure at work and it starts to impact more and more your personal life when you are back home?

Do you dream of changing job, but no headhunter has been able to help you?

Do you feel overwhelmed and  interested to get tips and tricks to manage your time better?

If you node to to one of these questions, you may need a coach or even better, a Routinologist. 

As a Routinologist, I can help you, in English or French, to clarify your long term goals, breakdown your action plan into concrete milestones and create daily routines that will help you to reach your dreams.

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Routinology is a form of coaching using powerful strategies and tools that will help you to transform your life. You will actually improve your life by developing yourself.

Routinology does not replace traditional coaching. Instead, routinology goes beyond coaching by helping clients to create their own daily routines to facilitate and accelerate their own change.




Session description



 Discovery session

  • Method & process presentation

  • Your Area of interest

  • Q&A

  • Mini coaching


  • Confirmation of engagement

  • Coaching Contract


 Kick off session

  • Define the Goal

  • Review the Reality of the goal

  • Identify Options

  • Assess options

  • Define the Way to achieve the goal

  • Well Formed Goal


  • Action plan


 Coaching Session (weekly / biweekly)

  • Session goal

  • Weekly assignment learning

  • Coaching

  • Weekly assignments (including routines)

  • Closing

  • Weekly assignment review

  • Weekly progress report


 Closing session

  • Coaching

  • Assess coaching results

  • Prepare next steps to fly independently

  • Weekly progress report

  • Summary of the coaching results



  • Optimize your time management

  • Develop and drive successfully your own business

  • Succeed in your career transition and you career next steps

  • ​Develop your Health and Wellness

  • Increase your Work-Life Balance

  • Be at your best in your area of expertise

What to expect


LogoMakr_1A2UO5 (1).png

Define Well Formed Goal

Action plan

LogoMakr_33AaBf (2).png

Create a detailed project plan including obstacles and options to overcome them



Define concrete milestones to track your progress 



Learn skills you are missing to reach your goals



Implement and execute daily routines



Be challenged and supported




Be at peace with yourself and able to manage your emotions better

Successfully bring your life to the next level



Samuel Demarais is a dynamic and passionate Life Coach and Routinologist based in Hong Kong.


He provides personal coaching to help you to maximize your personal and professional potential to achieve your goals.


As a routinologist, Samuel provides simple and powerful tools that you can include in your daily routines in order to be you at your best.

Samuel has 20 years of international experience in Financial Services gained in Fortune 500 companies (Big Banks), Big 4 and Consulting firms all around the world.

These experiences gave Samuel a very good knowledge of the complexity of the organization and the pressure of the deadlines.