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Samuel Demarais, Hong Kong

Originally, from France, Samuel spent the first 10 years of his career in France. He started his journey in a big 4 Audit firm where he discovered very high pressure environments where strong team spirits are a must to deliver within tough deadlines.


After a couple of years, Samuel decided to build his own firm and discovered the challenge that face CEO of small business, the pressure to sell, to manage your own team or to pay taxes.


Samuel then decided to join a small French Consulting firm who was rapidly expanding and who sent him to Hong Kong to set up their local branch. He was in charge of a small team of consultants and was spending his time between sales development and projects all around Asia in particular in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and India. This first rich Asian experience of 2 years taught him the challenge to work with multiple countries and cultures.


After a fruitful year in UK where he has been sent to initiate the consulting business, Samuel decided to settle. He decided to go back to Hong Kong where he joined the Banking Industry. During 7 years, he championed in delivering strategic projects in Asia, either driven by business expansion needs, regulatory requirements, or cost reductions (offshoring projects for example).


Samuel first encounter with Self Development happened 10 years ago when he attended a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training in Singapore. This inspired him and prompted the beginning of his journey of self-discovery.


​The real game changer in his life was the decision to work with a coach. He hired Sofian Bennouri who helped him to realize what was important for him. This was the start of his transformation and he decided to gather more knowledge and develop skills so that eventually he could help people to embark into their own journey.​


During one of his reading, Samuel was enlighten to the concept of routines. After reading the Morning Miracle from Hal Elrod, Samuel started to test daily routines until he finally managed to find the one that was helping him to be at his best while matching his core values.


​Samuel transformation progressively lead him to attend a training to learn how to coach clients. He completed an ICF Professional Coach training program at Transcend International in Hong Kong under the supervision of Craig McKenzie. During this program, Samuel found his real purpose in life and began training, coaching and mentoring.


​Samuel intensified his learning until he finally discovered the routinology invented by Raphaelle Giodanno in her book: “Your second life begins when you realize you only have one”. This was again a big moment since Samuel was already practicing routines every day. His creativity drove him to invent a new approach of coaching based on the routinology in order to helping people to overcome the obstacles keeping them from accomplishing their goals and dreams.


Samuel has a passion for sharing and helping others. He joined the board of a Gender Diversity network where he brings his knowledge, value and organizational skills to raise awareness on gender equality and in particular the promote the transformation of the diversity from Support to Action

Samuel is a happy husband and father. He lives his life with gratitude every day working with individuals that have the courage to be at their best.


As a routinologist, Samuel practices daily routines. They usually include sport, meditation, visualization, trying something new or being present. Wellness being one of his driver, Samuel pays also close attention to his diet.

Samuel his now coaching people in Hong Kong and anywhere in the world.

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