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Unleash your creativity during a Walking Coaching session

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Combining the pleasant and the useful. How talking and thinking outdoors, guided by your personal coach can help you to increase your creativity

2 women walking and talking
Walking coaching

During my research on Time Management, I found a very interesting article Nilofer Merchant on walking meetings.

Pinterest picture showing 3 reasons to walk during meeting and 5 thinkers who swore by them
3 reasons to walk during meetings

In short, she explains that we spend every day more time sitting than sleeping. After she listed example of great thinkers who were regularly walking during meeting, I was convinced.

After all, if Aristotle, Sigmund Freud or Steve Jobs found efficiency in walking during meetings, who am I not to give it a shot.

In their experiments at Stanford University Marily Oppezzo and Daniel L. Schwartz demonstrated that walking boosts creativity in real time and shortly after. Oppezzo described further in a Ted Talk 4 steps to boost your creativity when walking:

  1. Pick a problem

  2. Walk at comfortable pace while you are brainstorming

  3. As many ideas as you can

  4. Speak and record your ideas

  5. Cap your time

Hong Kong Bay at Quarry Bay
Walking coaching at Quarry Bay

The day after this discovery, I haven’t planed anything when my early morning coaching client arrived at our “rendez vous”.

The weather was favorable so I proposed her a walking session. He accepted.

At the end of the coaching, we wrapped up together:

  • The side by side posture removed eye contact pressure and we felt more relax than during a regular session.

  • My client felt grounded, centered on himself and more present.

  • Silences didn’t feel uncomfortable during the walk.

  • Walking seemed to have enhanced my client creativity and we visited unexplored area.

  • Despite the activity surrounding us, we were very focus on the conversation

  • We didn’t see the time pass

2 hours after the end of the coaching, I received an email from my client:

We have almost walked 10,000 steps

There is nothing like a good walk to help clear your mind, boost your energy, and get you thinking of new options. So when do you try a walking coaching session?

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