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How to multiply your time - What can you do today, that would make tomorrow better?

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

How is it that we have more tips and tricks, tools and technology, calendars and checklists than ever before and we still always seem to be behind?

In this interesting TEDx video, Rory Vaden introduces the concept of time multiplication.

Vaden explains that since the time is a finite resource, there is nothing like time management. Everything is about discipline and self-management

On top of the 2 important/urgent dimensions of the Eisenhower matrix, Vaden and the multiplier introduce the concept of significance. How long will the task matter? What can you do today that gives you more time tomorrow?

Whenever a task come in a multiplier To Do list, they analyse it through a funnel:

  • Can the task be eliminated?

  • Can the task be automated?

  • Can the task be delegated?

I actually don’t see significance as another dimension but rather a good way to prioritize and manage Important and non-urgent tasks of the Quadrant 2 of the Eisenhower matrix.

For example, you can’t eliminate the rent that you have to pay every month but you can try to automate it by setting up an automatic transfer.

Similarly, if you think about a Steering committee presentation that you have to prepare, you will not be able to eliminate or automate it but instead of asking information to the meeting participants by email, you can ask them to prepare directly some slides with their contribution.

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